About the System

What Is Involved?

You will call up the number on this brochure and book your reservation.
You will show up for your session and fill out some paperwork.
You will meet with your quit cigarettes specialist and begin your session which will consist of:

– Some background information about you and your habit

– Talking with you about your specific reasons and excuses about why you are not quitting

– Talking about the system and how it works

– Doing the system which will include advanced hypnosis, NLP, reframing, and other systems.

– Giving you support materials to help ensure you remain a non-smoker for life.

You go home a non-smoker for life.


Quit In 60 Minutes
The reason we can offer our unique
lifetime guarantee is because we have
such a high success rate. Literally more than
96.7% of people quit cigarettes in 60 minutes.
Then for those that do not, they quit during the
free follow up session covered by our lifetime
guarantee. So that means if you really want to
quit, we guarantee you will or we work
with you until you do.

What It Is Not

– No pain
– No major life changes
– No chemicals
– No dangerous drugs
– No patches or pills
– No needles





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